Will my previous grades affect my transfer?

I have studied for 6 semesters at a community college. In the first 3 semesters, I took three transferable courses. Their average GPA was about 2.5, but I took 8 transferable courses in the next 3 semesters. Their average GPA is 3.8, and the courses in the first 3 semesters are not related to my major, but the courses in the last 3 semesters are related to my major. I now want to apply to the four schools of UCSD, UCI, UCD, and UCSB. I wonder if they will care about my grades in the first three semesters and admit me.

You will be required to provide the transcript(s) that include all of your college courses.

What is your overall GPA?

@Gumbymom might have good info.

Grades for all your courses that are UC transferable will be used in determining your UC Transfer GPA, but @thumper1 is correct in that you have to submit your college transcripts which would include all grades.

Below is some UC Transfer GPA by major and Campus to determine which schools would be worth applying. 2020 data is the most recent information available.

Do you plan to TAG to either UCI, UCSB or UCD depending upon intended major?

My current grade GPA for all courses is 3.2

My major is sociology

My poor grades are very poor, even the final grade of the course I have studied twice is still C, but the good grades are very good

What is your UC transfer GPA, that is what is important to transfer to the UC campuses?

Here is the UC transfer GPA admit ranges 25-75th percentile for 2020 Sociology. Used the link I gave you.

UCD: 3.39-3.60. You can TAG with a 3.2 to UCD
UCI: 3.55-3.87. You can TAG with a 3.4 to UCI
UCSB: 3.28-3.81. You can TAG with a 3.4 to UCSB
UCSD: 3.37-3.96. No TAG.

Will you qualify for TAG for any of those 3 UC’s after you calculate your UC transferable GPA? https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/files/tag-matrix.pdf

At present, my transfer GPA is in the range except UCI. I just want to know that my average GPA meets their requirements, but I have a few courses that are very poor, will this cause me not to be admitted.

It really depends upon which UC transferable courses have bad grades. Each campus has course and GPA requirements for GE and major prep. Not passing courses required for transfer will keep you from being admitted. Non UC transferable course grades will not be considered. Admissions will see the upward grade trend and that you turned things around for the better.

Ok thanks for letting me know