Will my SAT scores improve?

<p>Ok, so I had to take the SAT to re-qualify for JHU-CTY (Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth) and my scores weren't great. I want to know how likely it is that my scores will improve. I took the SAT twice, once in January and once in June. My scores were 1880 and 1890 respectively (720 CR, 600 Writing, 560 Math and 730 CR, 580 Math and Writing). I did no test prep at all, to be quite honest.</p>

<p>Is it possible if my scores in Writing and Math will improve when I take the SAT as a junior or senior? At school now, I'm getting 6es or 7s most of the time on my tests in Math class, and I got a 7/7 for my first semester report card, and 6/7 for the second semester. Last year, I got an A- on my report card.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, just to say, I'm 13, going into high school this fall.</p>

<p>No question they will improve. My D took the test only twice and improved hugely between her soph and junior year.</p>

<p>Focus on doing well on your PSAT because that's the test that gets you scholarships.</p>