Will my scholarships from UMD be revoked?

<p>I think that I'm probably okay, but I'm still stressing. I was awarded both the partial Banneker/Key scholarship as well as a $40,000 engineering scholarship. I have received all A's and about a B each quarter in my senior year of high school. Until, that is, this quarter; I will be receiving a low C in Spanish. The C is not a result of senioritis. In fact, it is quite the opposite; I've had a very busy last few weeks, from chorus concerts/performances to 5 AP Exams to my Track & Field Championship meets. Oh, and not to mention practicing bass guitar with my band to play a concert later this week for my friend's senior project (it's a grade). I missed a bunch of Spanish classes as well a lot of work. The thing is, though, the assignments were a joke! They ranged in rigor from coloring a picture of Picasso's "The Three Musicians" to doing a bingo card. Some of the assignments I had actually completed on time, but I never turned them in because I'd miss the subsequent class (my teacher is pretty random about collecting work). I tried to reason with my teacher last week, but she wouldn't accept anything from me. I've received A's and B's on all of my tests, but apparently this mindless busywork is worth a lot more points. Am I in danger of having my scholarships revoked?</p>

UMD does not ask for final transcripts and even if they saw them they would not see individual quarter grades, final ones.</p>

<p>@xckyle, to answer your main question, the answer is certainly no. But since you turned a simple question that could have been asked in one or two sentences into a critical paragraph, I will extend my remarks. :)</p>

<p>ALL of us B/K Scholars have been through the same things as you. We all were very busy. During the last half of my last HS year I was up at 6, in bed at midnight almost every day, working on something almost nonstop(including 6 APs none of which were the 'easy' ones). My schedule at school was a mess. Whenever it was possible I was constantly switching classes (when a teacher was teaching more than one class of the same subject) in order to make my commitments work. I was involved in several bands and very busy with ECs. The people in the main office got to know me very well since I was always sticking assignments in teachers mailboxes in the morning because I was going to miss their classes. But I got it all done. And IF I had missed anything, it would have been MY fault, not my teachers. </p>

<p>Next year you may have even more work and certainly more distractions, yet you will be expected to maintain a min. GPA to retain your scholarships. So keep working hard and never try to rationalize your problems. That solves nothing.</p>