Will my transcript be marked late if it arrives the Saturday before the Monday deadline?

Sorry if the title was confusing. I’m in a weird situation and would like some insight. I overnighted my final high school transcript, because I was worried that the one I already had sent wouldn’t get there in time.
It should’ve arrived this morning, but it’s Saturday and the admissions offices are closed for the weekend. The deadline is Monday.
Will my application be considered late? They’ll have the transcript as soon as they come in on Monday but I’m worried that, because it’s not marked in the system by Monday morning, it’ll be an incomplete application.
Do they consider incomplete applications like that? I have everything in except this. Okay sorry for the wall of text - please let me know if you can! Thank you so much for reading :slight_smile:

FIT, similar to most colleges, needs transcripts to come directly from the high school. Why did you send it and not your HS GC? I doubt FIT is going to accept one from the student…read the details here:


I got the sealed envelope from the school and overnighted it. So the content is directly from the school.

The mail rooms at most schools are closed on weekends. If so, the package will be re-delivered on Monday.

You’ve done all you can do. I imagine the school will be getting a lot of mail on MOnday if that’s the deadline.

Thank you so much!