Will my W's on my transcript transfer to a 4year uni if I go from CC to CC then 4 year Uni?

Hello, long story short.
I planned on transfer to UCF when I hit 30 credit mark, but soon realized I withdrew (7) from too many classes over the past due to many issues. I want to know if withdrawing will have an impact on my admission.

If it will, is it better for me to transfer to another CC before applying to UCF so I can get my AA & my life straight? (since I lost my Fafsa eligibility)

Also, will these W’s appear on my new CC transcript when I apply for UCF after I get my AA?

You have to submit all of your transcripts. Therefore, all schools will see your W’s.

They will see the W grades when you apply. However those grades will not get recorded on the other institutions’ transcripts because only courses that you earn credit in can be transferred.

Make an appointment with the Transfer Advisor at your CC to get some help devising a good transfer plan for yourself.