Will not including class rank hurt me?

My school has decided to take class rank off of their transcripts…next year. We were told that our class was going to get them taken off but unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. I think I come from a pretty competitive public school and I am in the top 35th percentile of my class of 500+. However, since the common app has class rank reported by 10’s, I have to round it up and say I’m in the top 40th percentile.

My dad and I thought, “Ok, we just won’t report it then.” But our counselor advised us that it would be even more of a red flag not to have it, since it will look like we’re hiding something really terrible. I’m applying schools that a lot of other kids from my school are applying to as well, so it might turn out that I am the only one from my school in an application pool who doesn’t report it, which would be an even bigger red flag…right?

What do you think I should do, report it or not?

You need to report things as closely as you can to what your school reports on your transcript. Not doing so looks dishonest.

If you have to send a transcript, they’ll have the data, so not including it would look bad.

If you only self report courses/grades/GPA, your school report may have GPA averages, ranges, etc., with the same result.

If several other kids report GPA and corresponding class rank and you report GPA, AO’s can likely interpolate/extrapolate to roughly figure out where your are. And a good AO that knows your school (which is their job) will have a good feel for it anyway.

I’d report it.