Will November SAT have a low curve?

<p>For people who want 600+ math, 600+ writing, 500+ reading, does curves matter?
I'll be completely satisfied with those 3 scores up there, and i thought the test was easy but who knows i might of done bad based on how the Collegeboard scores my essay too.</p>

<p>To sum it up, i'm simply asking: if you got 5 wrong on writing, i won't get like 400 just because the curve is low right? Thanks.</p>

<p>WR -5 = 400????? Is that what you mean?
If so, well, i think by NO means will that happen...
If you got 5 wrong on WR and you got 10 on the essay, you are very likely to get 650+ in the end.
whatever the curve, 400 is really hard to believe...</p>