Will November SAT have a low curve?

<p>For people who want 600+ math, 600+ writing, 500+ reading, does curves matter?
I'll be completely satisfied with those 3 scores up there, and i thought the test was easy but who knows i might of done bad based on how the Collegeboard scores my essay too.</p>

<p>To sum it up, i'm simply asking: if you got 5 wrong on writing, i won't get like 400 just because the curve is low right? Thanks.</p>

<p>if the test was easy, you never know if the curve might be high :P</p>

<p>everyone all day today and yesterday has been coming in here saying it was super easy.. lol so not sure, not sure .. lol</p>

<p>I think the curve will be low :( but there was this math question that most people got wrong so maybe if u missed 1 in math 800:) I probably missed 8 math, 6 writing and a billion CR</p>

<p>I understand you're being hyperbolic, but there's no way missing four would cause you to get a score that low.
E: assuming a fairly decent/average essay.</p>

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<p>so if everyone did well on the test, and u got 4 questions wrong on the math test, it won't go down from like 800 to 450 right?</p>

<p>When they say "low curve" what do they mean? how harsh?</p>

<p>Harshest it can get is like something in high 600 for missing four writing. In math pretty much same , reading somewhere in 700 for missing 4. People found writing hard so I am hoping for a better curve, I am in the same boat as u:)</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure only 5 wrong on writing can still end up being 600 something depending on our essay score.
don't rely on the curve that much; i think generally, the scores around the same</p>

<p>Are you guys talking about A or B? For B, I thought Math was pretty easy, Writing was average, and CR was a bit obscure at parts, making it pretty difficult.</p>