Will NYU give me aid?

I really want to go to NYU Stern. I’m a rising senior and will be applying ED this fall. My family income is ~$100k/yr. Only my dad works, my mom was let go a year ago, but she didn’t make much anyway. She doesn’t have a college degree and was working mostly as a office assistant. I’m a URM (Hispanic) if that counts. If NYU could bring the net price down to around $30-40k/yr in financial aid (NOT LOANS), that’d make it feasible for me to attend if admitted. Any ideas? I know NYU is not known for giving good aid, but any ideas?

Chances are you will not get sufficient aid from NYU (few do), so my advice is to have back up plans that you know will work financially.

@BobWallace Would one be able to negotiate with the FA office? Especially an ED admit, who sort of depends on attending based on the FA package…

Being ED does not improve your negotiating position, it weakens it.

@BobWallace That’s pretty rough.

NYU uses both the Profile and FAFSA. Have you run the net price calculator for NYU? Try that to,get an estimate of your net cost there.

With a family income in the $100,000 range, your family contribution would be in the $25,000 to $30,000 a year range…as my estimate. Your family will be expected to pay that.

NYU does not guarantee to meet full need…and they don’t.

Why are you applying ED if financial concerns are significant? If you get accepted at NYU, you would not have any other offers to compare to. You could not negotiate additional aid with NYU based on offers from peer schools…because you won’t have any other offers at ED time.

Please think about this ED application seriously. It just doesn’t sound like its a sound financial plan.

NYU could bring the net price down to around $30-40k/yr in financial aid (NOT LOANS), that’d make it feasible for me to attend if admitted.



Is that what your parents have SAID? or are you hoping they would pay that much?

PLEASE ask your parents how much they’ll pay each year…ASK THEM.

Your mom may not have earned much, but she was earning SOMETHING and losing that income probably has hurt a bit. A family who has an income of $100k usually cannot spend $30k-40k per year on college…UNLESS…there is a college fund or someone else is helping them pay.

Once you ask your parents, come back and tell us.

What are your stats??

@mom2collegekids Yes, I’ve talked with my parents numerous times about this topic. I have a pretty solid college fund to cover those costs. That tuition is definitely feasible for my family, but anything over is stretching it.

You are hoping for $20,000 to $30,000 in merit aid from NYU? Or are you hoping for that amount in need based aid?

What is your SAT or ACT score…and GPA…because reportedly, NYU uses their aid to attract top students.

Are you going to be a top applicant?

U probably will recieve little to no aid. U didn’t tell us your scores so if that’s an indication of anything u probably won’t receive much at all. If you’re looking to lower the cost by 20-30k a year U need to probably reevaluate where u want to apply…

Probably not, sad to say. They are not known for great FA packages.