Will NYU rescind their decision.

<p>Got in Early CAS
But I have a 76 in Bio and 78 in Calc. I got a 90 in Lang and A in Orchestra.
All of my classes are A.P's.
Will they rescind me decision???</p>


<p>that would blow the butt</p>

<p>me matey... yarg!</p>


<p>You got what, a B- or C+ in two of your classes (math and science). These are also AP classes. They might not have gotten you into CAS, lol. However, they do not sound like they are bad enough for your acceptance to be rescinded. Your overall average should still be in the 80s. Just make sure you do not get any F's. Those would flag you and might result in their contacting you. </p>

<p>I would not worry if I were you if these grades hold true for the term.</p>

<p>Only Ds or Fs will nearly guarantee you a rescind notification. Cs do look bad and you might have some explaining to do because it looks like the prototypical senioritis, but they oughtn't revoke the offer.</p>

<p>actually, my avg. for the semester is a 93 because our school adds ten points for a.p classes.
So Calc would be a 88, Bio a 86, Language a 100.
So my average actually stayed the same. Is it really that bad??</p>


<p>You were OK even before the 10 point bump for the AP classes. Your average for these 3 classes is a little over 91.</p>

<p>What problem do you see? This question did not even have to be asked in the first place in light of your post (#6). Are you just overly anxious? Because believe me, there will be students with worse grades than yours who will have no problem keeping their accepted status.</p>

Thanks. And yes, I am known to be a nervous wreck lol. It's just that I worked so hard for NYU and it's not like I got these terrible grades because of senioritis. I just really really suck at math/science. I'm more of a literature person. But thank you so much.</p>

<p>Hahaha. I can relate. Not that I am getting bad grades (I haven't dipped below an A this year so far), but you never know if that pain in the ass class is around the corner that might flunk you and jeopardize four years of hard work.</p>

<p>Progress reports are coming out, and because I was out for weeks from the Chicken Pox, I have a barely-a-'B-' (I currently have an 81!) in Pre-Calc! I should be able to get it up to a B+ by the end of the term, but it's still no A. NYU is such a reach for me and I'm so glad I've gotten accepted. I've got A's in all my other classes, so do you think a B- would be <em>that</em> big a deal?</p>


<p>No, B- should not be a problem, especially if the other grades are strong, as you indicated.</p>

<p>Okay...so if I end up with a C- in AP Calc first semester (I was accepted EDI), but the rest of my grades are 1 B and 4 A's, I should be fine, right? I haven't taken my final yet so it could still improve, but will probably still be in the C range. Also, I got a $20,000 scholarship from Steinhardt in my aid package...could this affect that scholarship?</p>


<p>What kind of scholarship did you get? Was it based on your academic accomplishments (merit-based)? The fact that you got good grades in all but the one class you mentioned (C-), it seems to me that you should be OK. However, if I were you, I would check with your Admissions counselor (based on location). You should definitely try to bring that one low grade up as much as possible. That is, make sure you do not fail the class, because that might be a cause for concern and re-evaluation of the scholarship, MAYBE.</p>

<p>You really need NYU in-house perspective on this, though another student who might have gone through a similar scenario (getting a "C" grade after being accepted with a scholarship) may be able to help out. My opinion is that one "C" should not cause NYU to take back the scholarship. But check with the school. It is better to know for sure what the bottom line is for you.</p>