Will Pton and other ivies take this into consideration?

<p>Kinda worried about this...so u guys know the deal...typical ivy applicant (A+ avg, 2270 sat, 3 sat 2s: 800, 780, 790., 3 sport athlete, all county musician, siemens regional finalist, etc) but worried about my social studies stuff. I got a B+ freshman yr in english which doesnt really matter but SS is a problem...since soph yr (ap world) avgs ranged from low 80s to high 80s and an occasional low 90. this brought my average down severely. luckily i have 98+ in everything else so i still got a decent overall. but got a 5 on the ap world test and 4 on APUSH. but about math+science, i was in the regulars level for freshman and soph year, but moved into accelerated(a2/trig, chem) junior year but i dont think this is a problem since i got siemens, i seem well qualified. but anyway Will ivies care about my low SS grades? im not a SS guy and have no career interest in Ss........</p>