Will RPI match scholarships from other schools?

<p>S got $17k scholarship from Case Western and $7500 from RPI. Is RPI likely to match scholarhips from other schools? thx!</p>

<p>Maybe if you get a financial aid counsilor and explain that you are unsure if you can afford the school at that price, then bring up that Case Western has offered that much.</p>

<p>They do reconsider your scholarship. A change isn't guaranteed, but it does occur (I had my scholarship changed).</p>

<p>i, too know of scholarship changes.</p>

<p>What if you make corrections on your FAFSA and your EFC goes down?</p>

<p>I looked at this thread thinking specifically of disparity of merit offers my daughter got and didn't get. Oddly, I was thinking of the OP's exact other school. DD got nada from Case and $20k from RPI! Go figure!</p>