Will SAT Threshold at Top Colleges Change?

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If schools accept students with lower standardized test scores, wouldn’t they need to report those and would they be concerned about looking less competitive? Also, with fewer students reporting tests, it seems like each test would have a larger impact on their final stats. Maybe colleges aren’t worried as it’s such an unusual year. Not sure what to think.

There is no threshold now. So the threshold will not change.

Colleges can’t count scores they don’t get. The middle 50% could possibly skew upward, if every applicant this year only submits a score if they earned one above the 50th percentile. The data will be incomplete, but it will be okay. It is in colleges best interests to accept the best applicants who meet their needs and who are likely to attend, regardless of whether or not they have a test score.


But that’s true every year. And I see no reason schools will suddenly start accepting/enrolling students with lower standardized scores this year. In fact, with optional testing, received scores will like be higher - only students with higher scores will submit them (generally). I don’t see schools making an effort to collect scores after the fact from applicants/accepted/enrolled students that didn’t provide them on the application.

Mathematically, this is accurate. Do you believe it has some implications?

As noted, very few schools, if any, use an admit/don’t admit “threshold”.

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Among excellent ones, McGill comes to mind. Maybe not absolute threshold but openly published specific numbers.