Will schools look at this in puzzlement? I desperately ask.

<p>My scores are oddly distributed and I would like to hear an outsiders response to my scores.</p>

<p>Test 1- 740 Critical Reading/ 580 Math/ 620 Writing (11 essay)
Test 2- 650 Critical Reading/ 570 Math/ 610 Writing (11 essay)
Test 3- 610 Critical Reading/ 690 Math/ 600 Writing (12 essay)</p>

<p>Super Score- 740 Critical Reading/690 Math/ 620 Writing (1430,2050)</p>

<p>SAT Subject Test Scores- 720 US History/ 680 Literature (This test was taken between 2 and 3)</p>

<p>I simply want to know if the super score looses some of it's strength given the disparity between tests, what do you think of the scores and any college suggestions (I have already applied to several colleges but merely want to see what others would suggest, knowing only my scores- I understand that other factors are just as important yet for all intensive purposes, I simply want a "Score Recommendation") I am also a URM- being a first generation Cuban refugee, grew up in the inner city and on the day of Test Two, lost my father to a stroke.</p>

<p>You're fine. Situations like yours are why superscoring exists.</p>

<p>Thank you Silverturtle, would you by any chance be able to off the top of your head suggest any schools, given my SAT score and situation- somewhat of a "Score Suggestion". I simply ask for living in Little Havana, only a handful of schools are discussed and I would like to know how my scores fare in a "Score Suggestion" for I am fairly confident in every aspect of my application-beyond the scores that is. If geographic location is needed, it has always been my dream to see and live in snow, thus the northeast is very appealing.</p>

<p>Well, there are tons of great schools in the northeast (more than in any other region), so you're in luck in that respect. </p>

<p>It would be helpful to know your GPA and some brief information on your ECs. Also, do you prefer larger schools or smaller ones? Universities or liberal arts college? There are relatively few public schools in the northeast, but there are some.</p>

<p>Well, my weighted GPA is a 5.1, which puts me around the top 1% of my graduating class- I rank #2 behind a 5.12 GPA, though my counselor noted the top 1%- my rank will not be disclosed, for it is against school policy. </p>

<p>Extracurriculars include being the Water Polo and Swimming Co-captain my junior year (Played from Freshman-Junior, though due to my fathers stroke I decided to retire playing my senior year, to help out around the house with my youngest brother who was born with mental retardation- In the course of this , I have taught him to spell at about a 7th grade level- he is 17 and prior to this struggled with 3rd grade vocabulary.) I am a member of two clubs- BETA and Science Honors- I tutored special needs kids at a local elementary my junior year. I led a pilot program to develop a Miami Dade County Public Swim Club alongside Bucknell graduate Bob Karl and captained the team for it's 11 month existence- after which the club had 11 members and had to disband due to Bob Karl's failing health and transportation difficulties- it was in a rough part of town and the locals were starting to find fun in mugging members walking to the public pool for practice. These are my main extracurriculars, though I have always been fascinated by Philosophy and Politics and spend a great deal of my free time reading.</p>

<p>Well, it sounds as though you have robust enough stats to make any school within a reasonable grasp. At that point, it's all about preferences. Although they will be reaches and may not be what you're looking for, the Ivy League schools have excellent academics, and, given your URM status, you would have a chance despite the relatively low scores.</p>

<p>The people at College</a> Search & Selection - College Confidential specialize in recommending colleges for people based on their preferences; you might want to post a thread there delineating what you're looking for.</p>

<p>How do you have a 600 writing with a 12 essay? The multiple choice should be the easiest part to improve on in the section.</p>