Will Senior Grades Ruin my Chances?

<p>This year, I'm taking 5 APs: Italian, Calc BC, Bio, Literature, and Government.
I struggled in Pre-Calc, but decided to go into Calc BC anyway, but now I got my grades for the 1st semester. 1st marking period was close to a 90 and 2nd is an 80 =(. Also, I'm in Bio and it's pretty hard for me. I took AP chem last year and got 90s. Bio avg. this marking period= 80. All of my other APs are in the 90s. Oh, and I want to do pre-med and major in chem.</p>

I'm applying to extremely competitive schools such as: Rice, Cornell, Northwestern, as well as others that are not as competitive.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say they ruin you (assuming that 80 is some form of B and not C at your school), but they make it more difficult. If you have outstanding ECs or test scores then you could still make the competitive schools.</p>