Will seventh semester grades be considered in the admissions process?

<p>If they're great, would they boost my chances if I sent them?</p>

<p>No they do not consider senior year grades. It is in all the admission blogs and in the website.</p>

<p>To answer your question, yes, if your grades are very good and you send them, your chances will improve. After your decision is made, if you're accepted, you're required to send your final transcripts from high school in. If they see your grades are bad, they might take away your admission. In the same way, if they see your grades are good, you can appeal their decision to decline you and, with good senior grades, they may accept you.</p>

<p>In that vein, should I report my senior year first semester classes on the transcript? I have a heavy courseload.</p>

<p>They do not want first semester senior year grades and will not consider them even if submitted so they cannot improve your chances; even if you are waitlisted in February they will not consider senior grades if you submit them thereafter, and if you are denied admission in Feb they will not consider any senior year grades as part of an appeal; they use senior year grades only to determine whether an admission should be withdrawn in July..</p>