Will Silicon Valley CSU's accept me w/ my senior year schedule?

Hello! Before I get started, I want to thank you profusely for taking the time to read my post. Any and all advice is appreciated and considered!

Requested Schedule:

KEY - (S) = semester and (Y) = year
(S)Applied Math
(S)Art History
(Y)German 2
(Y)Chinese 3
(Y)Principals of Business
(Y)BEAM (possibly)
(S)Philosophy Lit
(S)Reading Between the Lines
(S)Ethnic Studies (possibly)
(S)World Classics H

The deadline to change my schedule for next year has already passed, but these are all the classes I can choose from for senior year.

Am I challenging myself enough? Will colleges look for AP’s? Am I screwed? Please lmk!!!

@pricklypear1 What major? What previous GPA/ Test scores?

I am confused by this list. Have you already completed your A-G requirements and this is just a list of what is left?

Why are you only taking one semester of art history? For Cal States and UC’s you need one full year of graded coursework for the F requirement. Subject Area F: Visual & Performing Arts

Did you take your 3 years of physical sciences?

Your Chinese won’t really count for the LOTE requirement if your culture is Chinese.

It’s not about how many courses you take; it’s about taking the right courses and meeting the entry requirements.

Thanks for the inquiry and advice!

  1. I have already completed my A-G requirements except for 1 year of English and 1 year of history. Psych and Econ count as 1 year of history and Reading and World Classics count towards English.

  2. I am taking AP music theory this year so that fulfills the F requirement.

  3. Yes – I took Biology H (freshman year), Chemistry (sophomore year), and Physics (junior year; currently)

  4. Would you care to elaborate on what LOTE means? My culture is Chinese, though.

Thanks again for your help!

I am looking to apply as an Accounting major and a science major (either Biology or Chemistry) as my alternate major for schools that require an alternate one.
My current uw GPA is 3.565 (I know, I messed up my first 2 years) and 3.68 weighted. I took the SAT in April this year and I got 1390; I’ll retake it in August to get it up to 1400+

That’s not bad dude. Those stats are pretty great! You should have a very good chance at SFSU and maybe SJSU
SFSU averages a 1057 SAT and a 3.2 GPA
SJSU averages a 1147 SAT and a 3.4 GPA

Those stats are according to Prepscholar’s blog
You have a 91% chance at acceptance for SJSU
And a 98% chance at SFSU

LOTE: Language other than English. Your 2 years in German should suffice, but 3 years are usually recommended.

If you are local to Silicon, then your chances are better than a non-local applicant. Good luck!!

The Cal states are test blind for the 2022 admission cycle so your GPA will be heavily weighted and your SAT scores will not be considered.

SJSU used an impaction index to determine their acceptances for last year. Below is the calculation: Impaction | Admissions

SJSU lists the impaction index thresholds for each major so you can see where you stand: Freshmen Impaction Results | Admissions (sjsu.edu)

Here is the local service area information since local CSU applicants get priority but not guaranteed admission to impacted majors:

Since all the CSU’s had to go test blind last year, they all used different criteria to determine their acceptances but the Capped Weighted CSU GPA was the most important and the eligibility index is no longer used but several CSU’s have come up with own index like SJSU.
Eligibility Index and GPA Calculator | CSU (calstate.edu)

CSU’s look at HS course rigor which would include AP classes, but there is no specific number of AP classes needed to attend any of the Cal States. As long as you have a challenging HS course load and meet the a-g course requirements, you have a chance at East Bay, SJSU, SFSU etc… as an applicant.

Actually, CSUs* only care for frosh admission that you achieved LOTE skill equivalent to completion of HS year 2 or higher; heritage speakers can show proficiency by testing.

*Except CPSLO, whose admissions formula gives extra points for additional semesters of LOTE beyond the minimum.

SFSU is a non-impacted campus, so meeting baseline CSU admission requirements should result in admission to SFSU if you apply for a non-impacted major. However, the admission standards are higher and competitively determined for impacted majors: Impaction | Future Students

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As long as you meet the A-G course requirements, i think you’ll get into all 3 for Accounting with your current stats. (as others capture SAT is no longer considered). I’d add - with CSUs as your target, there’s really no upside to taking a really rigorous schedule senior year. As far as they are concerned (CPSLO is different but, you aren’t applying there) , you need to complete your A-G courses with C- or better… take classes that interest you and fill out the A-G but, taking something you might fail is likely to bite you.

Good luck

For admissions… however, as an accounting (business) major, some specific 12th grade courses can help you prepare for college courses in your major, get you advanced placement (for certain AP courses), or avoid starting behind. For example, SFSU has different roadmaps based on English and math placement, where students with higher English and math placement have more elective options: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Concentration in Accounting < San Francisco State University

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fair points.

Hello! Hopefully bio. GPA is ~~3.6 uw 3.8 w

Sorry for the late reply. I took Spanish for 3 years alr!!