Will skipping the SAT essay hurt my application if one of my main ECAs is writing?

The essay is optional for most colleges, and I only got 15 (6/3/6) on my last SAT essay so I’m hesitant to give it again. Would it look weird if I skipped it considering it’s one of my “spike” activities (have awards for them as well)?

No. It will not look weird. Literally nobody cares about essay scores anymore.

Only a handful of colleges ever required the essay, and I can’t think of any that require it this year (SAT being test optional just about everywhere). The UCs, I believe, used to require it, but now if you turn in the score it won’t be considered at all.

Also, your scores are not that bad from what I have seen among the high performers I know about. Even when they got great SAT scores on the other sections, none of them have been happy with their essay grade.

So, no. I don’t think it would look odd to leave it off the applications.


Thanks. I know essay score doesn’t matter in general but have seen some people recommend it if writing is your thing.