Will somebody PLEASE read over my "tell us about your world" essay for me?

<p>Hi, I am really in need of help.
I wrote the essay, "tell us about your world" essay, and I have no one other than my parents to proofread.
And unfortunately, both of my parents don't speak much English....</p>

<p>Could anyone help???
if you let me know your e-mail or something I can e-mail it to you... or maybe I can message it over or something.</p>

<p>Please help!!!</p>

<p>i will, and i have already applied for rd this year so i can give you some input if you would like. just send me a message!</p>

<p>same here (EA admit)</p>

<p>I'll take a look. =)
PM it</p>

<p>I am free this holiday season, PM me (EA deferral).</p>

<p>just pm it</p>

<p>pm me the essay, i'll look at it</p>

<p>i will too..</p>

<p>Hi, you can PM me too. I will take a look at it.
Thank you.</p>

<p>yea PM me for sure.</p>

<p>yes, pm me</p>

<p>PM the essay ...</p>