Will subject tests be cancelled permanently in the near future?

Hello, I have a few years left in high school, and MIT and Caltech cancelling subject tests for good is concerning. Will other colleges likely follow suit (making studying for subject tests useless)? If so, how will i show competence in the subject I want to study?

By getting an A in the class and a 5 on the AP exam?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Subjects Tests and the SAT Essay disappear before long, but I suspect it will be at least 2-3 years.

There are typically many outlets to show expertise, in addition to the above mentioned.

Example - I suspect my D’s AIME and MPfG qualification will mean more to MIT/Caltech than joining their horde of 800 Math2 applicants.

Other subjects have clubs, shows, competitions, etc to show long term interest, engagement, and excellence. Being involved in, and potentially being a leader in, a literary club and publishing poems/stories/etc., even at just the school level, probably means much more than a high Lit ST score.

I still hope subject tests are kept for the near-future. Test scores are especially useful for people who are have lots of knowledge but haven’t received many major awards.

They are not as important as before, as there are more rigorous AP exams.

The math and science tests are compromised. College Board continues to recycle questions from tests that are available on the web. That is probably partly why MIT and Caltech are not considering them.