Will submitting my application today help?

<p>I always try to apply for things as early as possible, but will applying today as oppose to tomorrow or later this week make that much of a difference?</p>

<p>Are you applying for spring 2011? But no, I don't think it makes a difference when you apply, except that you may find out sooner if it's rolling admissions, but as long as everything is turned in before the deadline it's okay .</p>

<p>No, fall 2011. The application just opened up today, and I really want to go here, so I am submitting everything now.</p>

<p>I went a program at Purdue called STEP, and a lady from admissions talked to us. She said that they're in better moods early on in the process, as opposed to at the end when they're getting ~3,000 apps/day. And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one jumping on the app. As soon as I get my schedule from my high school, I'm putting that in as I just finished off my essay and submitting.</p>

<p>Also, applications aren't looked at until everything is in from the online app to the counselor form and test scores.</p>

<p>yes, apply early! I applied to Purdue (and am going!) and I applied really early. I ended up getting a letter from President Cordova before admissions decisions were made letting me though that I would have a spot in the freshmen class of 2010... so the earlier the better</p>

<p>My last thing from my school made it today! So I think they have everything. I'm so glad I applied early even though I have to wait like 4 months to find out.</p>

<p>Have you had at least 10 people proofread and peer edit your essays? If not, there's no rush. Perfect your application until you're 100% confident and THEN send it.</p>

<p>^ i think you're a little bit late lol</p>