Will submitting--or NOT submitting--AP scores HURT me?

Hi! With AP scores just coming out, I wanted to know if they will hurt me in the admissions process.

I know most colleges only consider scores for when you’re actually enrolled in the school and trying to get credit. HOWEVER, when applying to colleges, don’t they ask you what score you got on the test?

I’ve gotten 4s and 5s on APUSH, Psych, and Gov, but I just got a 3 on Language–really upset and disappointed, because I was looking to study English in college, and I don’t know how I did so poorly on this test.
I’m aware that getting a 3 doesn’t mean I’ll never get into college. But I really don’t want to report that. **Will NOT reporting certain scores raise a red flag and hurt my chances?

my daughter took several APs and received 4s and 5s. We forgot to submit them with her applications and nobody asked. She is at Lehigh.

You don’t need to report the 3.