Will Syracuse ED defer me or accept me for my second choice major?

I applied early decision to Syracuse. My first choice major is undecided in the business school and my second choice is undecided arts and sciences. I worried about getting deferred if I’m not accepted for my first choice major since ED is only binding if I get my first choice. Do you think they’d accept my for my second choice or just defer me to RD?


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3.7 WGPA, 3.4 UWGPA and I went test optional. I took mostly all honors with some regular level classes and I took AP Physics (B) and AP Bio (B+). I’m the captain of my hockey team, I’m in NHS, I volunteer with kids w/ special needs, and I’ve worked all throughout high school.

I think they are going to take a lot of people from ED and that you will get into either major. Wonder if they will feel you are a stronger candidate for arts and sciences with having taken such advanced AP classes that are so science based. That’s impressive as those are tough classes and they show great rigor. How did you feel about the additional essay you submitted? What did you say you wanted to get involved with on campus?

Thank you for responding! I feel pretty good about my additional essay. I talked about getting involved with the Orange Seeds club and further developing my leadership skills and getting involved with campus leaders. I also just said that I’d want to participate in intramural hockey and join greek life.

Perfect! Orange Seeds looks like such a great group to get involved with and showing the consistency with the hockey was smart. Additionally just the fact that you already play hockey and can handle the cold makes you an ideal fit for Syracuse.

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