Will taking hardly any AP's hurt my application?

<p>I come from a school with a generally stupid student population. My school offers NO AP's for juniors and only 2 for seniors. I know that colleges are supposed to look at what a student does with what they're given, but wouldn't a student with similar stats but 3 5's on AP exams be looked at favorably when compared to myself? If so, how can I make up for this hindrance?</p>

<p>(Will be applying to a few ivies and schools like northwestern, washu, etc)

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<p>There are two basic benefits to AP Classes:
1. A fast paced advanced curriculum
2. College Credit</p>

<p>Here's how you can try to make up for the lack of them:
1. Make sure you are taking the most rigorous courseload possible.
2. Dual enrollment (taking classes at a nearby community college) </p>

<p>You can always self study AP's or take them online - there are thousands of threads on here about those options, so snoop around a bit and see what you can find. </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>Not sure what you mean by "stupid", but admission often depends on the context of what is available at your high school, alongside the context of those you are competing with.</p>

<p>I think if you took 2 AP's and got 2 5's, you will look pretty good. If other applicants with only 2 AP's offered in HS also "self studied" or took classes at a local community college, they might look better.</p>

<p>yes 10 char</p>

<p>If your school doesn't offer it, but you take honors or advanced courses, then it won't hurt you. However, self-studying APs might boost your chances, showing that you are motivated. Online courses are good for that too, although those would be more work.</p>

<p>flvs.net. Is great if you want to take Ap classes they currently have about 10 ish</p>

<p>That's all relative-- it depends on how many AP classes other students at your school take</p>