Will the Cal Store have another sale?


<p>At the beginning of the fall semester, the Cal store gave you 10% off for textbooks if you came at like 10pm one night before school started. Does anyone know if/when they will be doing something similar to this for spring 2010?</p>


<p>DD says they will.</p>

<p>There will be special discounts on Mondays celebrating the basketball games every Saturday. The rule is for every 3-point shot we make, we get 3% off for up to 30%. So if you wanna get a discount, cheer for the basketball team :)</p>

<p>^also, during fall semesters, the same goes for football touchdowns</p>

<p>UpMagic, I may be mistaken but I thought it was 2% per 3-pointer up to 25%. At least that's what it says on the facebook event: "The Cal Student Store is offering 2% off on all clothes and gifts per three pointer that the Cal Basketball team scores at every Saturday game! The discount will be offered all day the following Monday! Up to 25%!"</p>

<p>the bookstore is so over priced -__- comegetused.com it. or half.com it if not get the 10 dollars off coupon and buy it at neds.</p>