Will the colleges check your school record?

<p>I am doing a college application right now, and in one section it was asking me to write down all the extracurricular activities that I have been participated in. </p>

<p>But there were two and were the only two activities that I had participated in my freshman year in high school, but that teacher didn't put my name down as the member because I missed a couple important meetings, so should I put them down in my college application(they were the only two EC that I had joined in my freshman year)? or if I put them down, will the colleges go check on the school record?</p>

<p>Please reply, my friends, thanks a lot...</p>

<p>If you were in, it put it down. Unless you lie bigtime, like making up an award or saying you were president of the senior class, it's not a big deal.</p>

<p>ic, thanks my friend, and I am going to ask my guidance counselor tomm. just to make sure...</p>