Will the following schools accept late ACT scores.

So, I plan on taking the ACT on December 14th, but I’m worried about if my colleges will still accept my score if it gets received after the application deadline. Is it ok for these schools if the student SENDS the score before the application date, but it has not been received yet? My schools are:

Vassar College
Northeastern University
SUNY Geneseo
Rowan University
Stockton University
University of Rochester
Syracuse University

You have to check each school’s website for their policy and deadlines. If the info is not there, call the admissions offices and ask.

Good luck.

You should always check what the university actually says, including because you may learn additional things about applying, such as whether test scores are even required. Most colleges with early Jan application deadlines that require test scores accept through the December ACT (some even accept the February ACT) and it can arrive after the application deadline. Moreover, even colleges that say they require everything, including test scores, to be submitted by an early Jan app deadline for regular decision, typically have a grace period in that, if by mid-to late Jan something like required test scores are still missing,. the applicant is notified of that such materials are still needed and the applicant has the ability to submit them quickly at that time. As to the colleges you mention:

Vassar accepts the December ACT and scores can arrive after the application deadline.

Northeastern is the same except that you can just self-report your scores in the application or in your online application portal with the university.

Rowan’s application deadline is not until Jan 31.

Stockton has rolling admissions and you can apply as late as May 1.

Rochester is a test optional college so there is no set date to submit test scores but you likely should get them in by quickly after the application deadline if you want them considered.

Suny Genesco needs to have someone redo its materials because: (a) it does not tell you the last test date you can submit; (b) its admission website does not state by when any supporting materials such as test scores need to be submitted; © its common data set asserts everything, including test scores , must be submitted by Jan 1; but (d) its website states the application deadline is Jan 5, so either the website or the common data set has to be wrong. With It, you should definitely call to find out whether it knows what its own rules are.

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@drusba, @Mwfan1921 , and @RichInPitt Thank you, I actually called those colleges later that day I made the discussion and was told by almost all (except Syracuse & Vassar), that it should be fine. Vassar told me that I might receive an email that something is missing, and Syracuse said I should make sure it gets as close to the deadline as possible.

Pro Tip: instead of relying on strangers for this important information make a spread sheet for all your schools you applied to and put in important information such as deadlines. We did this and it really made the whole process much easier since a quick look at the spreadsheet told us just about everything we needed to know about that school.

Good luck.

@Knowsstuff Thank you, I actually have a spreadsheet for both colleges and scholarships, I was just a bit confused and worried because I had just recently decided to take the ACT and the college websites weren’t too clear on if they will accept the scores if they are received after the application deadline. But, I will take your advice into future situations.