Will the real Testmasters please stand up?

<p>I'm confused. There is a testmaster.com and a testmasters.net. My google search also showed that there was domain litigation going on. I want the real one for the SAT... with the good reputation. Also, they use to have an online version... but the link I have no longer works. Did the original Testmasters change its name or web address? Do they still offer an online course.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>It's testmasters.com - the one based in Houston. But something does seem wrong with the link.</p>

<p>my friend took testmasters and made a 2400. all over the news and he's on their website. crazy smart kid.</p>

<p>user3725 - Which website... testmasters.com?</p>

<p>yes, testmasters.com</p>

<p>D took Testmasters course last summer.
Her sophomore PSAT was 201.<br>
Her junior PSAT was 228.
March SAT - 2270
Junior SAT - 2300 </p>

D took advantage of the Testmasters Exam Club. It offers an SAT each Sat and Sun for six months (can be extended) after you finish the course. She took 2 or 3 SATs after her course (end of July) til PSAT in Oct. Again more before the SAT in March.</p>

<p>If you have a subject area weakness, no I don't think a Testmasters course can solve it. Ex.: If a whole year of geometry didn't do it for you, then a few hours of review won't. However, to review and familiarize yourself with the test format and timing (i.e. master the test) then the course is good.</p>

<p>I would recommend summer as there is Testmaster homework; more thought can go into what you are doing if you don't need to study for two tests the next day.</p>

<p>Request that improvement is measured from actual tests not the ones given at Testmasters. In other words, my d's improvement was measured from one PSAT to the next PSAT. She then qualified for a mini review class before the SAT. The measurement is more accurate and the review class is free.</p>

<p>No its .net
Two</a> identical-sounding companies have different LSAT prep reputations - CAMPUS</p>

<p>TEstmasters.com is the impostor. they are a Texas based Company</p>

<p>the One everyone knows of as the best is
Testmasters.net and testmasters180.com</p>

<p>They are in California not Texas</p>

<p>testmasters.com (houston) is the SAT company...</p>

<p>testmasters.net is the LSAT company...</p>

<p>i took the SAT class offered by the one in houston...it's legit</p>

<p>its testmasters.net</p>

<p>Santa Monica, CA. Robin Singh, founder.</p>

<p>Okay... after reading the above and a little internet research, it appears that the SAT course often referred to by high scorers is the testmasters.com (the Texas company). It is certainly the organization with the Exam Club (referred to by Ignatius) and the course Sharmleon took with excellent results. Also, the internet search indicates that Robin Singh is the "creator and author" of the TestMasters LSAT course. The lawsuit between the two companies and the claims made against the Texas company seem to relate to the LSAT course... although I haven't read the lawsuit (see Roblan's post).</p>

<p>Having said that, it's entirely possible that the California company is very successful in the SAT area... it just has its roots in the LSAT business. A careful reading of the two Robin Singh sites (testmasters180.net and testmasters.net) show the SAT site refers to helping "students increase their scores on standardized tests" since 1991. The LSAT site specifically mentions Robin's "writing and creation" of the LSAT course. Accordingly, it appears that Robin Singh's reputation derives firstly from the LSAT test.</p>

<p>I wanna take a SAT prep course but TestMaster doesn't offer in Boston. When I called the company a guy said I may want to take Online Course blah blah blah and wait till middle of July. But still I don't have any info.
Now I think I go with PR.</p>

<p>The real geniuses behind the SAT company are Haku and Vivek (Roger) Israni; they are in Houston.</p>

<p>hey guys I'm new to CC and as i was looking through testmasters;do they put a time limit for the online course? Because I think the collegeboard online course has a 4 month time limit.</p>

<p>Xiggi, thanks for giving us the "behind the scenes" look. You've helped clarify a situation that is confusing to many.</p>

<p>Sparton, the Testmasters course has a 90-day time limit, but they have indicated a willingness to extend the time if you don't complete it in that time. I believe they extend in 30-day increments, but my son hasn't yet hit the 90 days.</p>