Will these extracurricular activities stand out at all?

<p>College (I'm a freshman applying for sophomore status):
- cartoonist for school newspaper (I do a weekly comic. It's not as easy as it sounds)
- staff writer for school newspaper
- DJ at radio station
(I'm really into journalism and broadcasting)
- psychology club (Psychology is my major. The club is sort of pointless, but this is just for appearances)
- French club
- volunteer service at animal shelter</p>

<p>[My college work might not seem like much at first glance, but I have invested a gargantuan amount of time and effort in these few activities.] </p>

<p>High school: (Last two years. Not much to write home about here)
- volunteer service at animal shelter
- French exchange program
- French tutoring
- president of French National Honors Society
- National French Competition--National Laureate</p>

<p>I work on cartoons and graphic design as a hobby and I'm also planning on including them as an art supplement to my applications.
I plan on majoring in psychology for undergrad and studying broadcasting or broadcast journalism in graduate school.</p>

<p>134 views... Anyone at all?</p>

<p>I think if you make it clear how much time and effort you've put into them, you should be all right :)</p>

<p>I don't know. I don't just want to be up to snuff; I was hoping that my dedication to student media would somehow impress admissions officers.</p>

<p>You could mention it in one of your essays, and tie it in with your future plans of a career in media, if you think that might help..
you could maybe even submit some of your cartoons? or a really good piece of writing
i dont know, anything that'll set you apart..</p>