Will they still reply?

<p>I just have one quick question!
I need to email one of the offices to get something important mailed to me. So I was thinking of sending them an email. Will they reply? I am kinda afraid that since people are on vacation, there will be no one in the office to reply to my email...
Does anyone know?? Help me!!</p>

<p>This waffling and apparent inability to make a simple decision devoid of any legitimate circumstantial conflicts will get you nowhere in college and in real life. Such a trivial decision does not merit a panicked post. Just email them, for chrissakes.</p>

<p>I did. I was just wondering if there will be anyone who will respond to my email. :(</p>

<p>If they're on vacation and you email them, you'll usually get a reply email stating that they're on vacation and will get back to you when they return. </p>

<p>I've emailed them a few times, and they usually respond within a day or two.</p>