Will this be too much for my senior year?? (Help me with my schedule please)

Here’s my schedule for senior year:
ap eng lit
chamber orchestra
calc 2/3 OR ap stats
ap psychology
advanced journalism (newspaper)
ap human geography (seniors in WA are required to either take this class or current world problems)

other major involvements:
volunteering (about 15 hrs a month)
track and xc (varsity)
production for newspaper- I am an editor, so I often have to stay hours after school and days during weekends.
writing stories for newspaper- writing is VERY important to me - this means staying up until early morning writing features, doing interviews outside of class, having to skip class to chase urgent stories, etc

with seven classes rigorous classes (which will in combination will probably be more difficult than my current schedule as a junior), my other dedications, and applying for scholarships and colleges, I don’t know if I can stay sane with the schedule I have planned above, but I don’t know what to do about it

the class that is definitely the least important to me is physics, as I’ve never really been interested in science and struggle with it very much. I would just not take a science my senior year, but some have advised against it. I thought, perhaps, that my ap psych might possibly be able to somewhat show that I’m not slacking in the science department. would I be alright with not taking physics?

what else could I do to free up my schedule? in the case that I can’t drop anything, what can I do to balance it all?

thank you :slight_smile:

In your other thread, you mentioned possibly wanting to major in engineering. If so, then you want to take high school physics to prepare for college physics. However, if you dislike physics that much, you probably will not enjoy engineering that much (except maybe industrial engineering or computer science and engineering) due to its dependence on physics.

If you are aiming for highly selective colleges, having all three of biology, chemistry, and physics in high school is desirable.

AP psychology and AP human geography are not normally considered the most rigorous AP courses – each is seen as being equivalent to at most a semester long college course. So the schedule may not be as tough as assumed.

I’m glad to hear they are not too hard! I was worried I was going to overwhelm myself.

engineering is more of a back-up plan, but you’re right, I should take physics if it does depend heavily on the subject. I guess I’ve just had a rough run with ap Chem this year (which has sort of dampened my attitude towards science), but, now that I think about it, the teacher for physics is supposed to be brilliant, so that will for sure improve my feelings.

thanks for helping me calm down about the whole senior year situation!