Will this book cover AP Stats well?

<p>Hey, guys. I'm studying AP Stats independently this year, and I got this
introductory statistics book, which says it covers a half-semester introductory college statistics class. Does it cover all the topics on the AP exam?
Feel free to say which topics are not covered in this book.</p>

<p>Its contents (chapters):
1. Intro to Statistics
2. Descripive Statistics
3. Probability
4. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
5. Binomial Theorem, etc
6. Random Sampling and the central limit theorem
7. The Z-Distribution: Inference from Large Samples
8. The t- Distribution: small sampe techniques
9. The chi-square distribution and count data
10. Regression and correlation
11. Introduction to the analysis of variance</p>

<p>Thanks! How easy is Stats, anyway? Do you think this book will prepare me for the AP Exam?

<p>I'm not sure of which book you are referring to, but I would strongly recommend Barron's "How to Prepare for the AP Statistics"; it's very comprehensive and contains EVERYTHING you need to know for the exam (I recieved a 5). However, don't use this book solely. Supplament it with this "introductory" book you speak of, and you will do fine come test day. Stats = easy-ass course!</p>

<p>Thanks, but what I'm also asking is does this book cover most of the material on the AP Stats exam?</p>

<p>By reputation among math-able young people I meet on another online board, the AP Statistics test is one of the easiest AP tests to self-study for. But not everyone who takes it gets a 5, so prepare well beforehand. </p>

<p>A very thoughtful review of statistics textbooks </p>

<p><a href="http://mathpc04.plymouth.edu/MAAFIXED.PDF%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://mathpc04.plymouth.edu/MAAFIXED.PDF&lt;/a> </p>

<p>reveals which textbook authors have the strongest background in statistics and do the best job of explaining the key concepts of the modern approach to statistics, all of which are crucial for success on the AP exam. MANY textbooks on statistics are remarkably bad, reflecting the fact that they were written by authors with little expertise in statistics. Those books, for example ALL of the books in my friendly public library, would be poor preparation for the AP exam. It is possible to find current textbooks by the recommended authors (I checked out some from the library of my alma mater university), and those make very thought-provoking reading and should be read by everyone with a right to vote. </p>

<p>Another inexpensive form of review for the AP statistics exam is the AP statistics online course offered through ALEKS </p>

<p><a href="http://www.aleks.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.aleks.com&lt;/a> </p>

<p>which allows an UNLIMITED number of free forty-eight free trials so you can see if you like that approach to online instruction. If you pay the inexpensive price for that course, you will get cumulative progress reports and systematic review, and can review other math courses (good for your SAT and ACT tests) meanwhile. ALEKS is a steal of a deal for what it offers. </p>

<p>Good luck on the exam!</p>