Will this get me into Ivy Leagues?


<p>SAT Subject Tests: Biology 800 US History 800</p>

<p>APs: Biology, Us History, Stats, Government, all 5s
Sr Year: Chem, Physics, Calc BC, English, Micro/Macro Econ</p>

<p>Ec's: Founder and President of Ethical Issues Club (very important to me), Junior Class President, President of Debate Club, President of Youth Group, Volunteering at hospital 500+ hrs and Volunteering at church 500+ hrs as Sunday school teacher, Shadowing Physicians, Microbiology research at Case Western Reserve University during summer, internship at Cleveland Clinic during summer, working at a convenient store during summer, and Varsity Tennis.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for chancing me for all Ivy Leagues ;]</p>

<p>No one can chance you at the Ivies. They’re random. Take a look at specific schools results for references thread.</p>

<p>Don’t mean to be a jerk, it’s just there’s really nothing we can do here… no one knows how those Ivies work.</p>

<p>Your numbers are all in the realm of possibility but like the poster said, the ivies have like a 7-15% acceptance rate. Few can outright say that they have a “good” chance without some sort of great hook. You have a chance I guess…</p>

<p>Your activities are kind of scattered and don’t indicate a focus of your interests or strengths. The clinical internship and the research are probably the strongest aspects of the information you provided. Also, you didn’t mention the impact of any of your ECs, which counts more than the hours or leadership titles.</p>

<p>One last thing: the Ivies are very different in terms of campus atmosphere, student culture, community, size, location, etc. If you are asking for chances at “all the Ivy Leagues”, you should consider narrowing down your search. </p>

<p>This thread is more appropriate in the Chance forum.</p>

<p>Im not sure what you mean by scattered? Can u give an example of not-scattered Ecs?</p>

<p>Hang on a second.


<p>^From your other thread. </p>

<p>How did you accumulate all those extracurriculars in the span of a month?</p>

<p>Well you did spell competitive incorrectly, so that is one problem.</p>