will this get me somewhere?

<p>My sophomore year is over. and my unweighted gpa is 3.35 and weighted gpa is 3.7.
i took ap chemistry and ap biology.</p>

<pre><code> I messed up first semester, but i came back strong in 2nd semester (which is why my uw gpa is so low)
Is there still hope for either UC Irvine or UC San Diego?

<p>I have strong extracurriculars, have positions in two clubs and in many academic competition contests..and plenty of community service hours. About 110+ hr</p>

<pre><code> If I bust my butt off and work extremely hard in Junior Year, (I'll be taking AP Calc, AP US and AP Eng) can I still make it?

what if i ended up with 3.8 weighted and 3.5 uw soph and jr combined?

chance me, constructive criticisms would be nice. be harsh if you need.

<p>I would try a lot harder in my junior year if I were you. But all in all, it doesn't look too bad.</p>

<p>You need to calculate UC GPA and have SAT scores for a good read. Average UC GPA for Irvine is about 4.0 and average SAT about 1870. for SD 4.1/1930.</p>