Will this help me in admissions?

My school is very new; it had its first graduating class last year. However, no one who graduated attended the school that I want to go to (although there were some acceptances). Since no one has attended that university yet, will it be more willing to take an applicant from a new school to see how they fair or will they be less willing? Or neither? P.S.: I’m academically qualified and everything for the school so that’s not a worry. Thanks!

It probably wont help - there are hundreds of schools they’ve probably never accepted a student from before. They’re generally thinking more on the geographic level of state diversity than school diversity. Sometimes it helps if people from your school have attended and do well (reinforcing a positive view of applicants from your school). Taking someone without knowing what their educational quality has been is a bit of a risk on their part.

It won’t help or hurt.

Agreed. Colleges have neither a quota by HS, nor a minimum number by HS. They accept who they want regardless of HS (with some limited exceptions).