Will this help me

<p>When I apply to colleges, will the fact that I skipped a grade help me at all, or should i just leave it out. Does it have any impact or anything of the sort?</p>

<p>did you skip in elementary or middle school, or did you skip a year of high school? if you skipped a year of high school, they will want an explanation as to why. they want to make sure that you have the maturity, academically, emotionally, socially, and everything else, to be successful in college a year early. but graduating early won't help at all. will probably hurt your chances since you don't have as many APs and honors and the lack of time to raise test scores. if it's elementary or middle school, i wouldn't worry to much about it. maybe mention it, but if you have 4 years of high school, i doubt it'll have an impact.</p>

<p>Okay sounds good, thnx a lot</p>

<p>It may not help you get into college, but it will help you in life. You've got an extra year on the rest of us; you're lucky.</p>

<p>no offense or anything, but i dont think it will really help you in life. being in education for 21 years instead of 22 really isn't that big of a deal...I mean, all time is valuable--but so are four years of high school. ...yeah anyway</p>