will this hurt me?

<p>In 8th grade I didnt care about school at all because it was my second year in 8th grade b/c at my school it is popular for kids to red-shirt a year for sports. So I didnt really do any work in or out of school, and to top this all off I was truant about 30 days without notes from parents or doctors(This couldve been b/c my mom was working out of town and would only come home on weekends.) So after my 8th grade year my Mom and my guidance counselor decided that I should be sent to a school called Youth Services(which technically was still a part of my school b/c i still was allowed to play sports) but I wasnt actually in my regular high school I was in a different school about 5 miles away with all the Class A screw-ups. So I went to that school and really started to realize how important my education was to me, and I got all A's and B's at "Youth Services" and I grew up and wasnt immature anymore. After my freshman year I was able to return back to my normal high school, and I haven't revcieved lower than a B in any class, I am now a rising senior and I was wondering if this would really impact/hurt me in the application process?</p>

<p>Explain this in the additional information section of the commonapp. It will not hurt you if colleges know exactly why you scored poorly that first year. Plus, they do look favorably on upward trends.</p>

<p>thx for the reply. I really didnt score poorly tho? I was just put in a different school for the reasons listed above(I was immature, my mom wasnt around, I didnt care about school at all in 8t grade). My grades were fine during 9th grade while at Youth Services, I was just wondering if my being placed in this school would hurt me in the application process.</p>

<p>Oh I guess I misunderstood you. I don't think it will hurt you.</p>