Will this ruin my chances?

<p>I am really worried because last year i took the Bio M SAT II. I scored quite low on it, got a 650. The main reason as to why this happened is because i didnt really know what they were, so i didnt prepare like i should have. I am quite sure that the rest of my SAT's and my SAT II's will be significantly higher. I am thinking of applying to HYUPS. Just wanted to know if this is going to ruin my chances of getting into these schools. Also I probably wont major in anything related to biology, more towards math.</p>

<p>What's the U in HYUPS?</p>

<p>is it UPenn? or just a typo because U is next to Y?</p>

<p>Calm down. No, I don't think it'll "ruin" your chances. And honestly, 650 isn't THAT bad of a score. Obviously, it could be a lot higher, but if they nix you for THAT, then you have bigger issues going on.</p>

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<p>HYUPS : Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Princeton, Stanford</p>

<p>Any more comments would be great</p>

<p>Ahhh, putting UPenn into the list because now it's high on the U.S. News and World Report, although every Ivy except UPenn is more prestigious regardless. Gotta love it.</p>

<p>Upenn is not that great, except wharton, it doesn't even deserve to be in the same acronym with the others</p>

<p>Anyways, a 650 won't hurt you too badly. If you take 3 other SAT IIs and score higher, they should just consider those.</p>

<p>Question: Why is Duke never included when people do their funky acronyms? HYPSUD sounds just as cool when you try to blurt it out.</p>

<p>"Hey, where are you applying?"
"'Hip-sud' all the way, baby!"</p>