Will this SAT hurt my chances???

<p>I wrote one SAT and got 1520, then in october I got 1280 (I almost threw up), If I am applying to a school like harvard (Which requires you to fill in 3 SAT scores - if possible) do I have to put down this dismal score? If so, how badly will it hurt my chances</p>

<p>holy crap that is REALLY bad.</p>

<p>I think the admission's councelor will be very puzzled, but a 1520 one round is a 1520.</p>

<p>i have no clue why you would even retake that score. o.O</p>

<p>I think you should put it on the application, b/c it's going to show on ur score sheet anyway. So if you don't put it, they'll think you're trying to ly to them. So it's better to put both scores. Just write the 1280 with a lighter colored pen or something :S</p>

<p>Thanks... I feel a little more confident more. Is it just me or did anyone else get stuffed up by octobers SAT</p>

<p>Ahh.. Dude, everyone has bad days. You might have misnumbered.
They're not going ot think you're an idiot since you got a 1520 the first time you took it.</p>

<p>Would they think the 1520 was a "fluke?" Of course not. They would be insane to do so. </p>

<p>They take your highest score, anyway. So just sit back and relax.</p>


<p>use white out. it works like a charm</p>

<p>explain why you got that score
perhaps you were sick, or your calculator messed up, or your parents had a fight the night before...in summary make sure you have a REASON for that dismal score (compared to 1520)</p>