will three classes in the mid to high 70's kill me?

I’m applying to fordham, nyu, uri and northeastern. . i have a 3.57 (89.3) weighted gpa and i ranked the top 25 percent of my class . .
however in junior year, i recieved mid to high 70’s in physics, amer.history and math. .in that same year i got an 83 in french 4 and a 90 in advanced english. . every other class from every other year was 80 and above. . .
SAT’s – 620 m 590 v
EC;'s lifeguarding, french honors society, chorale, tutoring
Taking 2 AP’s this year and i am getting an 80 and an 81 in both
Ap Macro and AP Envir. Sci
will i be ok, or are those three grades going to kill me?

thanks alot

<p>anyone ...?</p>

<p>70s in Junior year classes is worse than 70s in freshman or sophomore. i would say with an 89 you will be good for all of those schools except nyu.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply .. yea i really screwed up junior yr... anyone else?</p>