Will two B's in APUSH hurt for MIT admissions?

<p>So, I really like math/science/computers, and I really want to attend MIT. But this junior year, I ended up with a B in both semesters of APUSH. I was wondering if I would still be able to make it to MIT despite my weakness in history. Here are the activities that demonstrate my interest in math/science/logic though</p>

<p>Math courses, just listing the Honors and AP or past AP level courses
Precalc Honors
AP Calc BC
AP Stats
Differential Equations - At community college
Linear Algebra - At community college
Multivariable Calc - At community college</p>

<p>(All A's, all fives for the AP classes)
Math SAT II - 800</p>

<p>Science Courses, just listing non-regular classes like i did for math classes
Chemistry Honors
Bio AP
Chemistry AP
Physics C Mech AP – At comm. college, got five on AP test
Physics C E&M AP – At comm. College, got five on AP test
Physics fluids/waves/thermo/optics – At comm. college, past AP level, so no AP test
Modern Physics – At comm. College, past AP level, so no AP test (this is the last in the physics series at the comm college)</p>

<p>(All A’s, all fives for the AP classes)
Biology SAT II – 780
Chemistry SAT II – 800
Physics Sat II – 800</p>

<p>Computer Science
Computer Science AP
C++ I - at comm college
Programming for Google android (cell phone applications)
Programmed for FIRST Robotics club since sophomore year
Wrote small games in C++, kind of new to this one though
Wrote a simple chess AI, not too bad at playing, uses recursion
(All A’s all fives)</p>

<p>Extra curricular
JETS team captain and president/founder – number 50/239 in the nation, and we didn’t have a coach
FIRST Robotics, as mentioned under computer science
*This one I’m proud of, and internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory this summer, did my own research on X-Rays, UV Rays, and Fiber optics under a professor there, made an abstract/poster/PowerPoint
For a small engineering competition, my team and I took apart other toy cars and put together our own really large tank to carry stuff around. The project didn’t work, but still, we basically put together a small car from spare toys and it worked.</p>

<p>SAT I – 2350</p>

<p>I’ve also taken other classes like foreign language and literature and history/economics/gov, some of those were weighted classes, and all A’s in those except for APUSH.</p>

<p>So, I really like math/science/computers, and my passion simply isn’t in history or literature. Don’t get me wrong I think those are important, and I really did try hard, but I just couldn’t do very well in APUSH. I’m just not cut out for history I think, not good at memorizing history.</p>

<p>So final question, will the two Bs in APUSH hurt my chances for MIT even though I really love math/science/computers?</p>

<p>Sorry to be blunt or rude, but why does it matter how we respond? </p>

<p>Your grades and scores clearly put you in range for MIT. No, the two B's won't help you. Yes, you should still apply.</p>

<p>Before anyone jumps on Banjo, I think he's rightfully angry about threads jumping all over people asking if two B's will kill their chances. </p>

<p>OT- Of course, You have research, high SAT-1s, and still a 3.9 uw gpa.</p>

<p>They are B, they aren't the end of the world; is it a troll ?</p>

<p>More like an arrogant person seeking compliments under the guise of seeking assurance.</p>

<p>Yes they will hurt. No it won't be significant at all, unless you make it so.</p>

<p>I have to agree with 55choolApplicant... You aren't seriously asking if the two B's in an unrelated History course will take you out of the map for MIT, you just want attention and compliments. Ask your relatives for that, but you won't get them here...</p>

<p>OP, you could have stopped after the third sentence. You turned this into a "chance me" thread. It just seems like you're trying to overcompensate for a perceived failure that wasn't even that bad.</p>

<p>You will be rejected. xP</p>

<p>Hi. I'm lewiskim. I need attention. That is all.</p>

<p>Well this didn't turn out well for you, did it OP? :)</p>

<p>MIT (and most other places) don't want robots in their class. They want real people, and I'm not seeing that in your post.</p>