Will UCLA rescind me?

Hey guys, I’m super stressed and would appreciate any thoughts on my situation. I was accepted as a transfer student to UCLA. I am a philosophy major with a GPA of 3.88. I have completed all of my philosophy major pre-req’s with A’s. My issue is with my statistics course this semester. I’ve never been strong at math and combined with the fact that it is online, I have been struggling. I just took my final exam and because of it, it is incredibly likely that I will end up with a D in the course. I have A’s in my other three courses this semester. I’ve never gotten anything but A’s in philosophy courses and english courses which apply to my major while math does not. Do you guys think they would rescind me for a D in statistics even though it does not apply to my major at all? I am worried about this because a math course is one of the required gen-ed’s to transfer. Let me know what you guys think, i’m super stressed :confused:

is it on your main transcript or taken at a separate school ?

The best way to answer your question is to call a transfer admission counselor at UCLA and ask.

My assumption would be - they won’t take the credits - and if you have enough you’d be fine - or you might need to retake this summer.

But your smartest move is to call and ask - this way you know without stressing and you can move forward.

And if you call them you can ask if you have any options to retake the course over the summer.

it’s all on one transcript.


Where are you in school now? If it’s a community college with a pathway to the UCs your community college advisor may be able to advise you also. I am on the other side of the country in NC, but I know our community colleges do have articulation agreements with the UNC-system schools. A D would not transfer here. You have to have a C and above for the credits to transfer, but that might not mean they would rescind your acceptance. Definitely check in with your admissions person at UCLA, though.

The best advice is to contact UCLA admissions and be willing to retake the course in the summer as stated by @tsbna44 and @MMRose. What does your provisional admission contract state in regards to passing your in-progress classes? I am assuming you need a C or higher for the in-progress courses? Is Stats a required GE or transfer pre-req? Be proactive and contact them ASAP.

Best of luck.

UCLA requirements are pretty simple–as long as you are in the B-range or above in all of your spring classes they won’t rescind you. However, the letter does state that if you earn two grades of a C or one grade of a D (or lower), then you must notify admissions immediately.

Contacting admissions will be your best bet. Not to scare you, but I saw someone on Reddit get rescinded from UCB for a D.

im at santa monica college it’s the #1 transfer school to UCLA they have some sort of pathway thing i can look into it but idk what they could do about it

i will contact but not until i know what grade i’m getting because my professor hasn’t graded the final yet

my contract states i must get a C or above. my main thing is this math course completes the “seven course pathway” thing for UCLA and if i get a D the requirement is unfulfilled. do they generally let people do it in the summer??

Again, it is up to UCLA if they will consider letting you repeat the course during the summer. I have seen instances where they allowed it and also seen instances where they did not and rescinded the acceptance. If you wait too long to notify admissions, they can lean towards rescinding vs being more understanding.

am i supposed to notify them before i get the grade? if i notify them then get a passing grade wouldn’t that make me look bad or something idk

You would notify them once you get your final grade if it is below a C but do it before final transcripts are due. UC’s do not like surprises and this course seems to be a GE required course so not passing means you do not meet the transfer requirements.


i was soooo stressed i thought i did much worse than i did… i ended up getting 75% which puts me at a B in the class… i cant believe i was so worried for no reason :sob:


Congrats. Hope you have a great experience at UCLA.

On that happy note we can close this thread.