Will UCLA rescind their offer of admission?

<p>I will most likely get a D in a class this semester, but my overall GPA for the semester will remain above 3.0. The class I'm getting a D in is not related to my major. I'm a CCC transfer student to a non-impacted major.</p>

<p>How likely are they to rescind their offer of admission?</p>

<p>this is a tough call. I would say there is a good chance of getting rescinded from any D</p>

<p>Nobody really knows. In fact we should probably make a thread with people who didn't meet their offers of admissions, so they can tell us what ends up happening. At least it would help the students for next year</p>

<p>I think it is very likely that they will rescind your admission.</p>

<p>Dont guess, call their office of admission on tuesday and found out</p>

<p>Their office of admissions only takes calls from 1 - 4. And even then, they are VERY VAGUE.. Given your situation and the importance I would drive down there and talk to them in person but from what I know of 2 C's can be of detriment so I would go there in person. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>