Will UC's look at my high school grades...

<p>Will UC's look at my high school grades if i am using them to fulfill a proficiency?</p>

<p>I took 4 years of French in HS and am using that to fulfill the language profiency for IGETC. Does that mean that UC will look at my hs grades, or will proficiency be established by my CCC and be taken at face value by UC? </p>

<p>If they do look at the grades, will they only look at my grades for the language classes i took, or will they look at ALL of my grades?</p>

<p>I finished HS with a 3.2 (bows head in shame) and would hate to have that affect their admission decision.</p>

<p>UC's just want to know that you've graduated from high school, that's why they want your HS transcript.
UC's will not determine IGETC. Your college certifies your IGETC and UC's accept it. That's all. </p>

<p>I finished HS w/ 3.2 as well. HS GPA can't haunt us forever.</p>

<p>thanks lemon...or mini?? lol</p>

<p>wow. 3.2 club unite.</p>

<p>I shudder to think what it was unweighted.</p>