Will UCSD rescind me for a grade difference between self reported and actual?

Hi, I was recently admitted to UCSD. I was looking at my transcript and realized that I accidentally reported that I got an A- instead of a B+ in the first semester of my AP Human Geo class. As a bit of a background, my teacher would make a 92 and A- and so i ended up with a 91 which was a B+. I ended up with an A second semester and a 5 on the AP exam which is sorta what lead me to forget about getting a B+ in the first semester. Would this be grounds of getting rescinded even though I have shown that I am proficient in the subject?

It should not be grounds for being rescinded but you need to notify UCSD of the discrepancy since they will compare the actual transcript grades to the reported grades. Just send them a friendly email indicating the mistake and keep the email response for documentation.

What ended up happening? @blazinggor2324

The user has not been active for 2 years, so a response is likely not coming. If they return and want to respond, they can message me to open the thread. Closing.