Will UCSD rescind me

So I received a D for my second semester of senior year. Due to some personal family issues getting in the way of things, I was unable to attain a higher grade. I received a 69 for missing a few assignments at the end of the year.

The D is from a community college dual-enrollment online class which replaced my sixth period. It was a career counseling class. It’s not apart of my a-g requirements nor is it required for my major. The class itself is not an a-g either(atleast i dont think so). I had 4 other ap classes that resided in my schedule and I also still have a gpa over 3.0(for the yearly gpa, my spring semester got weighed down below a 3.0 due to the D). Will they rescind? I know they have a strict policy of nothing below c’s. I’ve already called the office and I’ll have to await for further information and appeal later if they revoke my offer. Am i a goner?

It does not matter if the class is an a-g course or not, your provisional admission contract should state you need to complete all classes in- progress with a C or higher. That said, it is in UCSD’s hands now so they will make their decision about your situation regardless of what any one here can advise. I suggest you follow up with a Call to admissions ASAP.

I have already called them and all they can say is that i have to wait for my transcript to register, and based on my academic standing, they will decide whether i get my admission revoked or not. And from then i can appeal. I wanted to talk to an admissions counselor, but the admissions front desk said i would get the same answer.

That is pretty much the standard answer in that they need to see your final transcripts before making a decision. I would look into a backup plan just in case and please update once you get an answer. Best of luck.

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