Will UCSD rescind my admission offer?

Hello everyone,

I was admitted as a fall 2022 transfer to UCSD. During my final semester at CC, my psychiatrist dropped me as a patient (I was being treated for ADHD) and left me without my medication for almost 2 months. After that, I began to fall behind a lot (I also work full time) which caused me to drop a few of my planned courses. I ended up finishing with 58 units instead of 70. I know there is a 60 unit minimum to transfer, so as a precaution, I enrolled in a class to take over the summer, which will bring me to 61 units. Is UCSD likely to take away my offer? I tried emailing the admissions office explaining my situation, and all the said was “Please submit a final transcript for review.” It doesn’t really help at all and I am starting to freak out because I already have an apartment lease signed. Does anyone know anything about admissions offers being taken away because of this? Please help!

From this link, 60 units by the end of Spring term, prior to Fall admission.
Transfer Student Application Requirements.
But I think it’s best to call the school.

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This! Call. The professors may not be there full time, but the support staff is there.

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As stated on the UC Transfer website, you need a minimum 60 semester units to maintain your provisional admission at any UC. Since you have extenuating circumstances regarding the # of units you will have completed, this will be a judgment call by UCSD admissions and only they can tell you what options you will have to keep your acceptance. Signing up for a summer course shows that you are being proactive which is a plus. Definitely Call admissions ASAP and explain your situation. Best of luck.