will ucsd rescind my admission???

Ive been accepted into UCSD and will be attending in the fall. I know they can take away my admissions for receiving a failing grade during senior year and i just received an F for AP calc AB during my 2nd semester. My senior GPA is still above a 3.0 and I’ve done all the a-g requirements. Ive also enrolled in a community college calc class over the summer. The other grades I’ve received in high school were mainly A’s and my overall GPA is a 4.3.

My grade is so low because during my senior year my mom was really sick due to her diabetes and i stayed home to take care of her. I also had to manage my 4 other AP classes while also suffering from chronic migraines. While I managed to get A’s and B’s in my other classes, my calc teacher would not let me make up a test or turn in late work that i was absent for which lowered my grade from a C to an F.

Is there anything I can do to not get rescinded? Im really concerned and would appreciate any advice!!

First contact UCSD admissions and explain your situation. Yes, the UC’s have been known to rescind acceptances but you have a compelling reason. It will up to UCSD on what your options are going to be, but you might want to ask if you could retake the course over the summer to keep your acceptance. Best of luck and it is important to let them know as soon as possible.

@Gumbymom my teacher currently moved my grade up to a D+. Based on this are my chances of getting rescinded the same?

A D+ is still a D but you have a compelling reason for this low grade. Only UCSD admissions can tell you if it will be an issue so contact them as soon as possible.

Whether you are rescinded may depend on your admitted major. For example, if your major is math, computer science, or one that requires calculus, the odds of being rescinded increase significantly with a D+ in Calculus AB.

IS there a reason why you have a failing grade in Calculus AB?

@Overtheline I am majoring in Biology. Are my odds any better?

@NASA2014 I have a failing grade because I had to miss a lot of school in order to take care of my mom when she was very sick and my teacher would not allow me to make up a test which dropped my grade significantly.

@JuhNeel: You have a serious problem. General biology at UC San Diego requires Calculus 1 and 2. UCSD admitted you based on your senior schedule of taking Calculus 1. What was your grade in the class first semester? Did you take the AP exam? If so, a passing score of either 4 or 5 would help you explain away a D+ in a major-required course.

Separately, If you cannot handle calculus in high school, what makes you think you can handle it in college?

@Overtheline Dude, he had to take care of his mom. If his mom was okay, then he would have no trouble passing this class.
Also, teacher didn’t let him take the exam he missed. So, therefore, his grade dramatically decrease.

@Overtheline I had a C- in first semester and I didn’t take the test because my parents made me choose 3 out of the 5 AP tests I took the class for

@Gumbymom do you by any chance know if they will rescind me for sure or the likelihood of them accepting my appeal?

I am not an admissions rep so I cannot say what will happen but you do have a good reason so contact admissions and explain your situation. Schools do not like to rescind but this is a judgement call only UCSD can make.

Why are you so scared to contact UCSD?

They will work with you and are good about giving you the information that you need.

The longer you wait, the less sympathetic they will be. (This from a former neighbor of mine who used to work in admissions at UCSD.)

No one on this site can tell you if your will be rescinded. YOU have to contact UCSD. I would call them and speak to an admissions officer, not a student.

If you avoid it, you may not have a school to attend in the fall.

Aunt Bea: This student has a right to be scared. Here is the language from UCSD Admission website: “Offers of admission will be rescinded if: a) there are discrepancies between your official transcripts and your self-reported academic record; b) you do not complete the courses listed as “in progress” or “planned”; or c) you do not complete your twelfth-grade courses at the same academic level as in previous course work.” Notice the use of the word “will” instead of “may.” UCSD has plenty of fully-qualified wait-listed candidates that earned A’s in calculus and that received scores of 4 or 5 on their AP exams.