will UCSD rescind my admittance

<p>on our contract it says that we need to have at least a 3.0 weighted gpa our senior year. does this mean that we need to have this GPA overall, which means caluculating our GPA with both our 1st semester and 2nd semester grades. if our gpa first semester is above a 3.0 and then second semester falls down to below 3.0, but averaged together it is still above 3.0 will my acceptance get rescinded? </p>

<p>p.s: I have a C and higher in all my classes, my overall gpa for senior year (calculating both semesters together) is a 3.2 gpa.</p>

<p>you need at least a 3.0 for both semesters. not averaged together.</p>

<p>i saw this in another thread:
Yes its the entire senior year. Its cumulative and averaged out.</p>


<p>We are looking at the cumulative gpa for the entire senior year.
We consider the weighted GPA.</p>


<p>Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools
University of California, San Diego </p>

<p>does this mean that i need a 3.0 both semesters?</p>

<p>does anyone know who we should contact if we have questions about our admission. an email address would be really helpful</p>

<p>Is this honestly a joke? GOOGLEEEEEE "UCSD Admissions" Sooo easy</p>

<p>Contact</a> Admissions</p>

<p>well i have the email and i sent them an email a couple days ago...they just haven't responded. that is why i was asking for their contact...i thought i might have typed the wrong email address. but it is right. anyone know how long they usually take to respond back?</p>

<p>Call them .</p>

<p>I took a college level calculus ( equivalent to UCSD 2A and 2B)class during my senior year . First semester grade was A- . second semester was a lot tougher got a c- final grade. Is C- okay for UCSD? is it considered as C. Should I be concerned. Who should I talk to
or e-mail at UCSD admissions to find out. All my other grades are above B, and by overall Senior year GPA is is 3.3 ( first and second semester combined)</p>

<p>i am in the same boat as you bluecoat...my overall senior gpa is 3.2. i just dont know if they are looking at cumulative gpa or each semester</p>