Will UCSD rescind my offer for getting a '3' in IBDP Math HL?

Hello everyone.

I’m accepted (and committed) to UCSD Eleanor Roosevelt College with a major in Communication.

I am currently taking the IB Diploma program, and I made the worst decision in my life to choose IBDP Math HL class (which I believe it is super unrelated to the Communication major). So, my grade for this semester (senior semester 2) for math is probably going to be a ‘3’. And a ‘3’ is equivalent to a ‘D’ at my school. The number ‘3’ will show up on my transcript (instead of a ‘D’), and the conversion table is somewhere else on the transcript. (I don’t know how UC will interpret the score ‘3’ for an IB HL course.)

However, I am sure that my overall unweighted and weighted GPA will both be above 3.0.

Is it likely that my offer will be rescinded?

You should have a Conditions for admission contract, once you are accepted and enrolled. Does the contract state what your expected scores for your IB classes should be to maintain your acceptance?

If not, then you should email admissions and ask. Generally, any D’s or F’s Senior year can be a reason to rescind your acceptance so it is better to find out now if this may be possible, what you can do to maintain your acceptance and also have a backup plan just in case.

Thank you for the advice. After emailing back and forth with them, they wrote “We recommend repeating the courses by the end of the spring term but this seems unlikely; and even so, your admission may still be subject to review.”

Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

Well, they are not giving a definitive answer that it is grounds for rescinding your admission. so they will review your final grades/scores and then make a determination. UC’s do not like to rescind so hopefully they will be lenient. Unfortunately only time will tell.

Yes, only time will tell… I know that this is my fault, but I really don’t want to fly there and then get notified that I am rescinded (I’m an international student btw). Anyway, I’m still discussing this issue with my teachers…